Scotland – Aviemore - Aquaculture UK 2022

It was a pleasure as always to participate in Aquaculture UK in Aviemore

Apart from losing our luggage on our way, the trip went will. We got to talk with both colleagues in the business and customers


Norway – Trondheim - AquaNor 2021

Like previous years we were represented at the AquaNor fair in Trondheim. Due to Covid 19 the fair had fewer visitors. Most of which was from Scandinavia

Despite the low visitor numbers we managed to talk to several norwegian companies that uses biological filters. At the same time it also gave us the opportunity to do some networking with the other exhibitors


Germany - Bremen - Fish International

KSK Aqua were, as previous years, co-exhibitor at Aquacultur Fischtechnik´s booth.

We had a good fair where we got some interesting contacts and talked to the colleagues within our business.


Germany - Berlin - Aquaculture Europe

KSK Aqua was for the first time represented at the Aquaculture Europe in Berlin. This was a fair and a conference. Which meant that a lot of people from all over with a huge knowledge within aquaculture were gathered in Berlin.

This gave us lots of good and insightful conversations and of course also interesting contacts from most of Europe, but also Africa and Asia were present in Berlin.

As usual we presented our SADDLE-CHIPS at the fair. Once again we experienced a lot of interest, and the feedback from the costumers we met at the fair were very positive.

Norway - Trondheim - Aqua Nor

At Aqua Nor 2019 the SADDLE-CHIPS filter elements were exhibited to all interested.

We experienced great interest for our SADDLE-CHIPS from potential customers. SADDLE-CHIPS have now been on the market for 4 year and in that time they have proven their performance at our extremely satisfied customers.

At the same time we have had lots of positive feedback at the fair from customers who are satisfied with the performance of SADDLE-CHIPS filter elements.

USA – Washington - Rastech

This is KSK Aqua´s first time in the United States where we presented our SADDLE-CHIPS for the American marked.

The presentation went beyond our expectations and there were a great interest in our SADDLE-CHIPS.


Chile – Puerto Mont - AquaSur

KSK Aqua exhibited at the Danish Pavilion at AqauSur where we exhibited our SADDLE-CHIPS to those interested.

There were a lot of visitors at the Danish Pavilion and a huge interest for our SADDLE-CHIPS in Chile.

Scotland – Aviemore – Aquaculture UK

KSK Aqua at trade fair in Scotland to expand the knowledge of SADDLE-CHIPS in new markets.

We had a lot of good conversations with interested people and are pleased with the response we received for our SADDLE-CHIPS.

In addition, we received positive feedback from our existing customers who visited us at the fair.

Germany – Bremen - Fish International

KSK Aqua was a co-exhibitor and we were a part of large trade fair stand.

The visitors were interested in our biological filter element SADDLE-CHIPS which also received good feedback at this trade fair.

Furthermore some of our satisfied customers came by our trade fair stand to pay us a visit.


Norway – Trondheim – Aqua Nor

KSK Aqua was one of the world's largest fairs for aquaculture with more than 27.000 visitors. We presented our SADDLE-CHIPS for many interested visitors from most of the world.

We were pleased about how SADDLE-CHIPS was received and everyone we talked to was positive.


Germany – Hannover - Eurotier

At the trade show in Hannover we exhibited our new larger model of SADDLE-CHIPS.

Of course we also had our standard SADDLE-CHIPS at the trade fair stand.


Denmark – Aalborg – Danfish

Danfish in Denmark was the first trade fair where we displayed our SADDLE-CHIPS at a larger fair.

We received positive feedback and our SADDLE-CHIPS filter element was well received.